Ravages of Irma

Hi everyone.  The hurricane went RIGHT OVER US in Davenport, FL in the middle of the state.  It was scary and unbelievably tretcherous!  The damage is unbelievable.  Whole trees taken right out of the ground, roots and all!  Lanai cages around the backs of most houses just mangled and ripped off. Shingles were flying around like snowflakes. The rain was like daggers hitting my bedroom window.  It's really just hard to wrap your head around when you see it!   

I'm not coping very well.  The heat of course has been around 90 with humidity so dense you just melt if you make any movement.  No gas available, no ice available, no electricity, no sleep and lanterns are your new bff. 

We finally got power back last night.  Thank goodness.  Now for the clean up.  It's been a rough month for me, I gotta tell y'all, BUT I made it through without a melt down (it was gonna happen soon though, let me tell ya!) I think I need to craft now.  I need some happy.  And just a few minutes with some ink and stamps will probably make me a little bit happy. :D

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  1. Oh wow. It has been rough. I am so glad you are safe though, and in your happy place :)


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