A Day Off....finally

No not today!  But I am taking tomorrow off.  Gotta get some rest and do a little artwork to rejuninate.  Darcie, get the margaritas ready!!

And the sun shines.....AFTER the move in....lol

Well, well, well.....they do have sunshine in upstate NY! So today has been more sorting for the sale this weekend.....and of course sorting the boxes. But where oh where is my Keurig machine?

I had a wonderful dinner and movie my first night at camp, Saturday. Really fab, but tired, you got no idea!! Early dinner and a slight out of mind experience Sunday....sometimes, I really hate being a woman....most of the time I love it.....but sometimes....ARGH, we a stupid creatures! lol

More of the same for the next few days. Hopefully I can go out and discover a little bit of downtown life. Maybe Wednesday.....what do ya think? Anyone up for a glass?

OK y'all I went to my first redneck bar!! OMG its worth writing a book...I'm not sure I'm capable of this transformation. Hey Lucas, any openings at DOD? LOL

Testing my mobile bloggr...do I keep the chinese wedding dress? ARGH! Someone bring me a bottle of bordeaux!! Or if its u Stacey, then Andes Pink'll be fine.

And the boxes never stop!

How is it that I don't remember buying any of this stuff! lol  It's been quite a while since I've seen my NC belongings so it's like Christmas.  Oh, but making decisions about what to keep, now that, that is the challenge!!

What a mess.....

....moving, condensing, sorting, moving, marking, argh!!  How will I ever condense my life into about 20 boxes?  I mean, just my art supplies must be about 15!! lol  

I needed a break so went to Darcie's for a little "art therapy" OR as I am now calling it....my art "play date" of the week!  So if you're free on Wednesday, stop by for a cup 'o joe and don't forget your paint brush or tape runner!!
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