3 Copic Tutorials and a Copic/CTMH Color Comparison Chart

Well hey everyone!! Hope all is well.  I have had a whirlwind 5 days away from home with my family.  It was great fun, but I'm really glad to be back at home. I missed my ink and stamps...lol.

I've posted a chart with the CTMH/Copic Color Comparison.  I will add the 8 new CTMH colors as soon as I get them in August.

I have had a number of requests for additional classes, so I will begin teaching each week in my studio AND online beginning the 1st week of September.  August is already super busy for our family and I'm sure yours... :-D  Have a great day and I'll see you tomorrow with so new creations and a new coffee flavor too!

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  1. Hi Corinna!
    Do you have a copy of your updated CTMH/Copic color chart that I could see? I tried the link in this last post but it said it had been deleted. I have the last one prior to the 8 new colors.
    Thank you for your help!!


Thank you so much for visiting and commenting! I appreciate it so very much!

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