Make Your Own Lightbox!

Hey everyone! I am gone vacationing for a few days before summer is gone in WA. Thought I'd share some saved up cards and projects this week while I'm kayaking and whitewater rafting. ;-)

I saved this great tutorial on how to build your own lightbox and FINALLY got around to making it with the help of Riley and Dylan.  I'm including all the steps I think but I have included the original LINK HERE.

First, get a random box, in good condition.  I bought a medium-sized moving box 18" square.  Next, measure a 2 inch perimeter around each of the 4 sides of the box.  The size square you make on each side will vary depending on the original size of the box.  This really doesn't matter, as long as whatever you're going to photograph can fit inside.
   Once you're finished measuring carefully cut out the square on each side.

Now tape the bottom together firmly and trim the flaps off the top so it is completely open.

I consider these first few steps"manly" work, so Riley and Dylan did those parts for me. :-D (Love You Guys!!)

Enough of that mushy stuff, back to the light box.....

Here it is all ready to finish.  

Next, cut white scrapbooking cardstock in 2" strips to line the inside of the box with.  Basically, you'll want the inside to be all the same color so the light will bounce off the white onto the image you're photographing.  This will also minimize the potential of shadows. 

Now take those strips and line the inside of your box.  It doesn't have to look perfect or "pretty". Just be sure you cover all of the sides SECURELY.  I used liquid adhesive "Liquid Glass".
Trim your white poster board the same length as your box bottom.  It should be longer than the bottom cuz you're gonna slide it in the box and let it bow to cover the bottom and back. I used a 22" x 28" piece of posterboard and trimmed it to 18" x 28".

Next, You'll need 4 pieces of tissue paper, white cloth, anything that you can use to diffuse the lights that you'll place beside and over the box when photographing. I used tissue paper from the dollar store and Liquid Glass cuz NOTHING messes with that stuff!
The last thing you need is lighting for each side and the top.  I am using two lamps with OTT-LITE bulbs and an overhead OTT-LITE.  Perfect for getting nice, crisp, natual light that captures the colors we all love so dearly!
And Voila, your own light box perfect for photographing cards, 3D art, layouts; Whatever YOU create!!  

Tell me what you think and if you're going to create your own light box. :-D


  1. thank you so much for this i have been wanting to make this for so long thank you

  2. Great job with your tutorial! I just made one of these about 2 weeks ago. I love it! Boy does it make a difference in my photos!!



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