Ri's Deploying to Iraq....*sniff*

Hey everyone! I feel like the world's worst blogger. Ri's deploying next week, BEFORE Christmas, till sometime next summer. I'm sad...noooo, that's an understatement....I'm crying every day and beside myself.  So, no mojo. none. nada. zero. Well, I've got some I'm sure if I dig for it.  But that's only for a couple of DT applications.

PLEASE, be patient with me y'all.  I'll be back Christmas week with a regular blogging schedule, but till then, it might be sporadic.



  1. {{{Hugs}}} Corinna, it's totally understandable:) I can relate.

    My hubby was to leave just before our middle child was born. Luckily she was born 2 days early, and he was able to spend 12 hours with her!

  2. Oh Corinna! I am keeping you and Ri in my prayers. Don't worry about us - just take care of yourself. I'll wait right here.



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