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Hi everyone! I can't tell you how happy I was a few moments ago. I woke up from a nap to find ME as the trendsetter today over at There She Goes.  Jessica and Holly surprised me a BUNCH!! PLEASE go over and ready the incredibly moving post Holly wrote.  I can't describe to y'all the love and joy I felt knowing that I have such a wonderful support system. 

Riley left today and is somewhere in the Middle East.  I won't speak to him again till Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, but I know that God will protect him and bring him home to me next year.  I have such great faith in his abilities, and great pride in his mission.  He is a wonderful man and I am just so grateful to God for bringing him into my life.

Enough of that mushy stuff!! I'll be back tomorrow with regular postings again.  I've got lots of artwork stored up in my fingers just itching to get out and my mojo is back so get ready for a fabulous week of gorgeous creations! :-D


  1. ((((Corinna)))) Hold your head up high and be proud of the wonderful thing your family is doing for our country. I can only imagine how hard it is on you. My dh was in the Navy during peace time. He did a 9 month westpac cruise during the months just prior to our wedding. That was hard enough! My #3 son is headed to marine corp boot camp in May. When people ask how I feel about that, I tell them that I am both proud and scared.

    Bless you and yours this holiday season and coming year. I will hold Riley in my prayers.


  2. Both my SIL's are deploying in Jan for the 3rd and 5th time. I know it is difficult to send them off. Hang in there and I will add him to our prayer list. Looking forward to see your next creation.

  3. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! How exciting, and how perfect that you have been spotlighted this way!


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