Color Matching SU, CTMH and Memento Inks with Copics

Hey everyone! Today I am going to share a few charts with you that help me choose my Copic colors.  This is a long post with lots of pictures so grab a drink and let's get started!

The perfectionist in me won't allow for a mismatched color so I have acquired all of the current inks sold by Stampin' Up, Close to My Heart and Memento.  After completing the Copic Certification Class, Riley surprised me with all of the Copic Sketch markers except in the greys, which was every other marker. (I will confess that I don't like that minor limitation, so I ordered the rest of the greys and pre-ordered the 12 Soon-to-be-released Copics that Marianne blogged about recently. :D )

These two charts show you how I match each Memento ink to it's corresponding Copic.

 You can see that I stamp each ink on the cardstock that I normally use to create with Copics. (Currently PTI Stampers Select White, but I have recently ordered MFT's Perfect Paper Panelsand the The Blending Card from X-Press It to try). I add a scribble of each Copic that I think might match.  Then I walk away to let the inks dry thoroughly. 

Both the inks and the Copics can "settle" and change color slightly, so I have found that if I put the project aside for a while, I have a more accurate match in the end.  Most of the time, there will be a perfect or near-perfect match.  Every once in a while though, there will be a color that you have to mix.  I notate the mix with a "plus" sign. 

Here are my swatch cards for Stampin' Up's newest color collection...

...and Close to My Heart's colors.  Sometimes, I will 2nd and 3rd generation stamp the ink so I can really see what the underlying colors are in an ink.  You can get a better feel for the color composition this way.

I am updating my spreadsheets and will add them to the "Copics" box at the top of my blog some time in the next week. Hope this helps!  Have a great day everyone!!


  1. Corinna - love your charts! I'm going to have to bookmark this post.

  2. Wow.. I am so impressed with all of the work that you put into these charts. Love all the details.. thanks so much. Peggy x

  3. Do you know what Stampin up color matches Ctmh flaxen?


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