I'm a Top Chef!

No, no, not the show.... I have been asked by the fabulous Linda McClain of Catered Crop Challenge fame, to join her amazing Design Team!

Here is our line up....amazing artists.....go check 'em out!

Linda McClain at Catered Crop

Libby Hickson from Libby's Little Addiction

Rachel Hope from Hope Stamps Eternal

Peggy Marsh from The Wired Angel

Corinna McGregor <------- That's Me! :D

Jeanie Witmer from The Spotted Chick

I'll be sure to whip up something delish at the craft desk and stay out of the kitchen. :D  (I will confess that I have watched every episode of every season of Top Chef, the show, now on Bravo! Thank goodness for the DVR) My all-time favorite player, Marcel, went home last week. His language could use a little cleaning up, but he was the first chef that I ever saw cook with dry ice and "gastronomy", or something like that.  Oh my goodness, I digressed!  I'm hosting an all day crop today, so gotta boogie!  See y'all tomorrow! :D


  1. Congratulations!! This is a new to me site, but it looks awesome! I love recipes (well, paper ones - lol) :) I'll be on the look out for your creations!

  2. Awesome! Congrats! I am off to check it out! :0)

  3. Love your stuff. Talented lady! Off to shop around......:)

  4. Corinna - I am so, so thrilled to have you on the team. We're gonna have a blast!


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