It's A Small, Small World: Copic Face/Skin Color Chart

Hey everyone!! When I was a toy manufacturer/designer, mine was one of the first companies to come out with institutional multi-cultural plush (aka..puppets and dolls with different skin colors for daycares and hospitals). This was a big deal!  People laughed, whispered, gaffed.  Then another company came out with skin color crayons. And soon, everything was multi-cultural! It was so wonderful!!
So I made a little chart of my favorite combinations of skin color.  Some of them are slight in difference. I think as I am now getting better and better at coloring (my Kindergarten teacher would be so proud), these are the differences that bump the artwork up a notch. You can click on the pic to make it bigger.  To save, right click and "save as" on a PC.  I will also leave it in the "Copic" tab here on my blog.

I opted not to do hair with the skin.  I will put up another chart for hair next month.  Well, that's it for me today.  Please let me know what you think. :D

P.S. (I loved those crayons so much I hoarded them and wouldn't even let my son color with them.  I know, warped.)


  1. Thx for sharing Corinna! I use some of the same but it's great to see your other combinations - will be trying those too!

  2. I think this chart is awesome Corrina, thanks for sharing! Off to try to find your ribbon carousel...

  3. Hi Corinna,
    I love this reference sample sheet you made. I have bookmarked the site to my computer for easy access!
    Thanks so much it's a great idea!

  4. Oh wow - this will help a lot. I usually stick with just 0000 and 00, but I'll look back at this next time I want to shake it up a bit.

  5. Hi just found your blog and love your cards was also gobsmacked by your name as it's so similar to my very dear friend who name is Corrinne and I have never seen it spelt anyway near this close before yeah I know it's totally random but it got my attention
    Jacki xx

  6. Thanks so much for doing this!!! I am pretty new to copics and your charts really help me!

    Jennifer :o)

  7. Thank you for sharing. I own a few (about 10) copics and your chart will help me with further purchases - lol.

  8. Really liked your reference chart - i just started cardmaking (any papercrafting, really) about 6 months ago and fell in love with copics.

    Thank you for the reference!

    By the way, I am dying to find out what stamp you used for the reference - the little girls are SO cute!


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