Oh YES I did!

Hey everyone! Wowzer, did I have a jam packed, full o' fun weekend!!  I hosted a 4 day Pajama Crop at my home for Jessica Knutsen, Danielle Lounds, Sparkle Smith, Kim Teasdale, and Angela Thomas.  Let me just tell you, we laughed so hard all weekend that everyone's face hurt, and Danielle even blogged that her back is sore.  I'm gathering pics from everyone and will blog about the weekend's antics later this week.  I did want to share this one pic though.

One of There She Goes fabulously cheeky stamp sets is called Tastes Like Chicken and features a toilet with flowers in the bowl.  Well, I just HAD to have that be the first things the girls would see when they pulled in....to set the tone and all...ya know.  :D

I'll be back to work tomorrow with cards and stuff to share.  But for now....I'm gonna put my feet up and just relax and enjoy the rest of the evening.  Tootles!

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