The Pajama Crop Recap....

Yeah.....I'm a little late with the recap, huh?  I caught some crazy bug during our Crop Weekend that had me layed up Monday and Tuesday with a fever, prayin' to the porcelain god Wednesday, and finally recovering yesterday.  ARGH!
 My goal of the Pajama Crop was to get a group of artists together for a weekend of fun and pampering and of course COFFEE!  Away from the worries of daily escape to my Studio...or as some like to call it..."A Store".

I made welcome note cards, wrapped up towels and loofas with PTI ribbon, and packaged chocolates in tubes with little tags. I placed these, along with magazines and bottles of water on pretty valentine doilies, next to their beds.  (Here's where I would put a photo if I'd been smart enough to take one.....oops!)

I picked Danielle Lounds up at the airport on Thursday, mid-morning.  Angela Thomas and Kim Teasdale drove from Canada without incident, but got a bit lost once they entered town. We had a great time cropping and getting to know each other over a delish Mediterranean Pizza and some embossing powder!

Jessica Knutsen arrived with her 3 gorgeous girls in tow Friday morning and it was off to the LSS, Toadilly Scrappin' and a fabulous arts and craft store, ArtCo.  After 5 hours of shopping, everyone was broke so we headed home to use, or at least oogle at, all of those lovely purchases.

I whipped up a batch of my world famous Chili and we all chowed down. Yummy, yummy, yummy!
Sparkle Smith arrived after a whirl-wind week of her own, armed with her Copics and ready to crop.  Sparkle was so generous, she even shared some of her stamp images with us! You'll see 'em all colored up soon.

Then, it was time for Friday Night Chat in the There She Goes forum.  With 3 trendsetters (Angela, Kim and I), 1 alum trendsetter (Danielle) and the TSG leader extraordinaire (Jessica) all together, it was a fun evening of chatting and typing, typing and chatting. Holly wanted to be in on the fun too, so we skyped her and she witnessed our mayhem.
 On Saturday, Jessica returned, sans daughters.  It was a full day of cropping, dining on spaghetti and garlic bread, and drinking LOTS of coffee, water and a margarita or two. These girls had some serious amounts of mojo working, whipping out card after card. I was just in awe!
(I was selfish enough to ask each amazing artist to "donate" a card so I could start a Celebrity Stamper shelf, and they DID!  More on that next week with pics of their cards.)

And laugh....we laughed and giggled so much that my cheeks, face and stomach hurt from all that silliness!
Sunday, we packed everyone up for departure.  It was so sad to see everyone go. Everyone left me notes in my shower using bath crayons!

A successful weekend it was, so much so that we decided to do again next year.  I can't wait! :D

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