PTI Binder-size Planner Monthly Pages - Merry Christmas!

Hey everyone.  The PTI Planner is not being printed for 2018. WHAT???!?!!

I was so incredibly sad, because I had spent so much money and time trying to find the perfect planner for my loss of short term memory and health issue.  I'm very action oriented, so I've spent 40 hours making a planner that will fit into the PTI Binders.

Here is the download for the monthly planner pages: 2018 MONTHLY PLANNER PAGES

Here are the instructions to make it the perfect size when you print the months out:

To fit in the PTI binder:
Under "Page Sizing & Handling
Choose the "Multiple" box, Pages per sheet: "Custom" "1 by 2" and page order "Horizontal Reversed"
Under Orientation: Portrait and check the box "Auto-rotate pages within each sheet"
Then use your full page die to cut the months into binder size.

To fit in an A5 Binder:
Just print the pages one at a time. Then trim down to the size you like. Easy Peasy.

I am working on the WEEKLY pages and will publish them by this weekend. Please leave me a comment if you download the pages.  I'd love to know what you think and where I can make any changes.  NEWBIE ALERT!! (I've never made a calendar before this!)

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  1. Oh no Corinna! I hope you are able to find something else that will suit your needs :(


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