PTI's November Create Along with Us

Hey everyone!  I love PTI challenges. Seriously, I really do. They make me really try to reach outside the box to learn a new technique, find a new layout, stretch my art knowledge from other mediums to card making.  So this challenge I decided to bring my style of water coloring to the challenge.

Now that I live in Florida, all of my favorite colors are bright and airy.  It's so bright and beautiful here every day.   The flowers are so bright and so intense.  The palm trees are so flowing and airy.  There is always a new animal or bird around.  Sorry, got a bit carried away.  Back to the card. 😉

I was inspired by this card of Lexi:
 I just love the simplicity and impact of just 3 colors in a CAS card.  So I thought I'd take that as the challenge.  I grabbed some Bristol paper, Zig Clean Color Real Brush markers, a water brush, Flower Favorites stamp set and some washi tape.

I started with the beautiful Iris and decided to paint a bright and airy one, not the typical purple (although I did make the stamens purple for fun).  I outlined the stamps with the markers adding just enough color to make an outline to be watercolored once stamped on the bristol paper.  The marker colors just flow so beautifully on this paper which makes it so easy to color.
I then stamped the stem in 2 steps.  The first done in a darker green, the second in a lighter green.  Using almost black depth and white lights adds great dimension when you're coloring/painting in any medium.
I knew I was going to have to emboss the sentiment for it to be seen across the stem, so I went with silver and added two silver enamel dots along with silver glitter washi to the side to create a visual triangle moving the eye to the inside of the card.  The second washi tape is bright pink quatrefoil matching a color in the flower and matching Dawn's Quatrefoil creations this release.  :)

Here is the card.  I just love it!!!  It is sooooo beautiful in person! I love that I could make a stamp outline and color it in my colors.  I don't know if there are really Irises out there that look like this, but if there isn't there should be!

Thanks so much for visiting and being so supportive and kind.  I really can't tell you how much I appreciate all of your comments.  Thank You, Thank You So Much! (in my best Elvis impersonation)

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  1. So creative & beautiful, Corinna! Would never have thought to start by using Zigs just on the edges--gotta try it!


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