Found: Linen Paper to Print Your 2018 Planner On and other Tips and Tricks!

Hey everyone!  I really enjoyed sharing my planner yesterday on the PTI blog and here on my blog yesterday.  I received some really good questions and thought I would share some tips and tricks for printing out your 2018 Planner today.

Tip 1: First up is the paper.  One of the reasons the PTI planner was so awesome was because of the linen paper.  It was thick enough to prevent ink bleed through, but thin enough not to clog up the planner binder. I separated the Months from the Weeks so that I could print them on different but complimentary papers.  You DON'T have to do this.  I printed the Months on the PTI Fresh Snow Linen paper.  Then.....
I found the PERFECT linen paper to print the Weeks on over at Amazon.  I've printed 3 complete planners out so far (one for my Sissy, SIL and me) and they all look amazing!  Here is a look at the paper up close.  The linen paper is double sided so both sides have the linen look and feel.  Some papers aren't like that so be sure to look in the description of any paper you might find.
In this photo the paper looks almost ivory (shows the grain a bit better), but in real life it VERY white!
(I'm not editing any of my photos today.  This post is a bit of a rush...sorry!) 

Tip 2: Next up is lining up your die.  I look through my paper and place a faint pencil mark where the back and front line up to place the die.  The linen paper makes this easy to do.
Tip 3:   Now lining up the weekly sheets with the die means that you are going to cut off a bit of the bottom of the page.  Every printer is different so you'll have to fool around with the pages and die to figure out where you will cut every time.  Above you can see that I cut on the 5th line of the bottom "notes" area on the left which didn't leave much room at the top.  On the right side I cut on the 4th line of the "notes" area and it looks perfect.
Tip 4: Measure twice and cut once. This is UBER important!  You don't want to make a mistake, because printing out another sheet is a bit tricky, wasteful and time consuming.  I use washi tape on both sides of the PTI MI page die to ensure a perfect cut every time. On this monthly page, I cut too far down and skimmed the bottom of the calendar.  After spending so much time cutting out the planners, I know now that trying to cut corners doesn't make for a well cut planner page. EEKS! So if you need to take a break, do so.  You don't want to burn out on the measuring and cutting.  You might wind up with a page like this one.
Tip 5: Monthly Tabs and Decorating.  I am reusing my PTI 2017 planner dividers.  But you can make them pretty easily with punches and tabs available at PTI and any crafting store.  For my sister, I found the Simple Stories Carpe Diem Mini Sticker Books. The stickers fit perfectly in this size planner and make for pretty decorating.  But you can still use all of your Planner stamps too since the linen paper prevents most bleed through.
Tip 6: The BEST Planner Pens.  I have been experimenting with different pens on the planner pages and found the Uni-Ball Signo pens to be the BEST!  They don't skip and they come in BEAUTIFUL colors.  There are also the TUL gel pens which are fabulous pens.  I'm sure there are others, but these are the ones that I've found.

I hope this post helps a little bit with the printing, cutting and assembling your Planner.  If you have any other questions, just leave me a note below and I'll respond. Happy Planning!

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